• 2 BONUS meditation tracks
• 3 introduction audio tracks
• 10 in-depth audio sessions
• PDF workbooks for each session
• Weekly recorded phone call for each session
• Complimentary workshop email support

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You are making a very wise decision on your own behalf and for a better life when you start Change Your Aim Change Your Life Workshop.

The effects of the wounds from childhood abuse and trauma have been a life sentence of silent struggle for many. This workshop begins by leaving that struggle of your self judgments, self loathing, fears and doubts, at the door as you step into a new world and way of thinking, growing and developing to the wonderful person that you truly are.

As you engage in the change and transformation, prepare yourself to fully commit to the eight weeks as it will seem such a tiny amount of time and investment when your whole life will change its course for the better.


2 BONUS meditation tracks - $90
3 introduction audio tracks - $99
10 in-depth audio sessions - $1,200
PDF workbooks for each session - $100
Weekly recorded phone calls for each session - $600
Complimentary workshop email support

A $2,089 value for only:

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“A $2,089 workshop for less than $150??” Yes, because I don’t want the cost to be the factor that deters you from getting started on your road to transformation! I help guide you in identifying the hidden negative blocks that the abusive past created in your psyche, followed by all the ways to creating a path of healing by recognizing, your true identity, your true essence, and guiding you to your true passion in life.



• Learning to see the bigger picture that helps promote change.
• Understanding what your “inner aim” is and how it runs your life.
• Understanding the foundation of how negative and positive experiences in you life are embedded in the brain and mind that shapes who you are.
• The beginning process of changing your aim in life.
• Learning how the brain functions and how the mind is formed.
• Understanding why you do what you do and think what you think.
• The changes that can be made to enhance your talents and abilities.
• Learning about emotions and building a strong foundation.
• Continuing building a “human being” that is you!
• Discussing your upbringing and points of abuse and how it effected your brain, your mind, and your outlook on life.
• You will learn how you developed coping mechanisms and how they helped and now hinder you.
• You will learn how the abuse effected and shaped your life in negative ways and how to change those patterns.
• You will understand the purpose of attachment and how it is vital in many ways in our lives, but also can be harmful if we choose to attach to people, places or things in the wrong way for the wrong reasons aiming life in a victim direction.
• How to create better attachments in life which begins within YOU. Aiming up!
• Understanding that memories and our interpretations can be faulty that caters to our perspective.
• Learning how certain behaviors are developed as a symptom of abuse.
• Continue discussion on attachment.
• Learning that the effects of abuse creates certain false beliefs and how to get rid of those false beliefs.
• Understanding that you are not your past and your past does not have to control you.
• How to dream big and create new attachments of positive beliefs.
• You will understand how powerful words are when expressed to self or others. They can build or tear down.
• Learn about the energy and emotions behind words.
• Understand how the subconscious operates throughout your day.
• Learning what a c.r.a.p. board is and how to use one.
• How to feel good when you are used to feeling like a victim.
• You will learn what and who your “inner child” is and how he/she runs your life.
• You will learn to be aware of your reactions (the inner child’s emotions) and then learn to respond as an adult (mature response to people, places and things).
• You will learn how to create a safe place for your “inner child” to go and relieve them of emotional duties they are not responsible for.
• Understanding healthy inner boundaries and how to create them.
• Story of a circus elephant and how it relates to your belief systems.
• Understanding how false belief systems hold you hostage in life.
• The embedded and coded beliefs of low self esteem and low self worth are lies changed to your psyche.
• You are more powerful and empowered then you believe yourself to be.
• What is holding you back and what has it cost you?
• Understanding the bigger picture of life.
• Learning how to change your mindset from embedded and habitualized negative belief systems to creating new neural pathways in the brain of positive and healthier responses in life.
• Learning to love yourself with compassion and empathy.
• Creating a positive anchor to change a negative thought or feeling.
• The completion of the program and a new beginning for you!
• Wrapping up and going over what was shared and what you learned.
• Take what you learned and go back and listen to different modules as you need.
Each module will help you untangle the inner negative ball of wire that your brain and subconscious has created because of abuse. You will learn how the brain created coping mechanisms that served you when young, but are now your worst nightmare, and you may not even be aware. Awareness is key when we want to change. There are blinders on our consciousness that the subconscious is happy for you to keep in place, but in each module, you will be more than happy to remove the blinders to see the truth and the real essence of who you really are. The inner shame and hidden pain that has left you bound and gagged in life and relationships, will begin to dissolve as you learn techniques to live on purpose.

Many people want to ignore or pretend that there traumatic and abusive childhood ever existed. Some are left with undesirable results with therapy. This leaves to chance and hoping that they will have a good life, but finding themselves struggling with relationships, self worth, self esteem, and a mediocre life at best. I call this “living by default”. In this definitive program that is customized just for you and your unique issues, you will learn how to remove the inner pain and shame that you have held in for so many years, and replace the default setting of living with a purposeful way of being.


As you build and develop a human being in modules two and three, you will begin to see your true self emerge. It is very exciting! In modules five and six, you will learn the ways in which certain habits of thinking and feeling attached you to people, places, and things that really do not help or serve you in living the best life you desire and wish for.

Knowing you want a better life, a better way of living, healthier relationships (especially with yourself), and better provision for life, you will learn what you need to see and do to create the life YOU want instead of the life handed to you by default and abuse.

This workshop is a gateway to a better YOU and a better life. It is the stepping stone of a new way of thinking and living that will get results. It is not utopia and certain challenges do not change over night, but what you do learn and when you implement what you learn, will create a new way of being which will create new possibilities and potential for your life.

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I wish you the very best when entering into this workshop. I promise you, you will learn new and exciting information that will help you transform your life!

With love and respect,

Founder of Women’s Growth Network


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“Maryalice brought such, wisdom, caring, and understanding to each session. She walked me through my guilt, shame, and anger. She genuinely cared about me and wanted me to experience freedom. Today, I can honestly say I worked through those issues and live a life of freedom.”
- Doris G.
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“Maryalice has tremendous insight into people as she desires to see them embrace their full potential. Her strength is evident in the way she loves and cares others. I have had the opportunity to know Maryalice for twenty years and have been blessed by her insight into my life.”
- Judy S.
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“Maryalice was a hugely positive influence in my life for many years. She has been blessed with the gift of listening with not only her head, but with her heart as well! She was always there to offer me advice full of wisdom and delivered with love. I would not be who I am today without her mentoring!
- Crystal M. 
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You understand that Maryalice Coleman is a certified Inner-Life Coach, mentor, author and workshop leader with 20 years of experience working with others in personal growth and development of oneself in regards to childhood sexual abuse and other emotional trauma. She is not a licensed therapist that imparts therapies or diagnosis, and does not advertise as such.

Maryalice’s degree is a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology with a minor in Family Violence and Criminology. By listening to the teaching and guidance in the workshop, you are responsible for deciding what is best for you on your own accord or with a licensed therapist or counselor.

You are promised that you will learn new information that can help put you on a new course in your life, but the promise of certain or sudden change is not given or implied.


You are entitled to a 30 day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase if you are not wholly satisfied with the program. Before requesting a refund, it is advised that you commit to at least the first 3 sessions before deciding if you’d like a refund. We ask that you contact us at support@womensgrowthnetwork.com before requesting a refund to see if we can help resolve any concerns or dissatisfaction.

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